COVID-19 Relief: CRA Resources

Here is a list of helpful links to CRA Resources for COVID-19 Relief. We hope they are helpful in this challenging time.   Canada’s Economic Response Plan Overview   My Account   Applying for Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)   CERB – Question and Answers … Continue Reading


Your Retirement: Understanding Canada Pension Plan

When it comes to the philosophy that the more you put into something, the more you get out, this certainly holds true for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions. This article from walks through what the maximum CPP benefits are and how to get the… Continue Reading


Should I incorporate my business?

This is a question we are asked often. There are two main reasons for incorporating: Potential to reduce taxes Limited liability The potential to reduce taxes is a legitimate reason to incorporate, but only once you reach a certain level of profitability. If you are… Continue Reading


Our Top 4 Recommendations for Sole Proprietors

We always strive to foster great relationships with our clients. We want you to feel confident taking our recommendations. So, here’s a little about me. My name is Melody McClain. I live here in Airdrie with my husband and two kids – my son is… Continue Reading


Tax Deductible Business Expenses Demystified

As a blanket statement, we suggest that sole proprietors keep every receipt and expense absolutely every penny they pay to earn business income. Much of this is obvious. If you’re selling jewelry and you have to purchase the jewelry first…it’s easy to recognize that your cost… Continue Reading


Sole Proprietors: Set Yourself up for Success

There is much to consider when running a business as a sole proprietor, but taxes don’t have to be overwhelming. We can try to set you up for success and maximize your expenses, tax write-offs, etc. The first thing to recognize with a sole proprietor business is that… Continue Reading


Financial Planning for Business Owners

Successful business people want their financial advisors to show them ways to keep their wealth. This article and blog is a great place to start understanding what financial planning can do to help you retire happy. Peter says “Business owners are not looking for financial advisors… Continue Reading


Helpful Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Links

This Payroll calculator will save you time and money from buying a program that does it for you and it is always up to date. The calculator will tell you what you need for completing your Payroll each time. CRA Payroll Calculator. This link will show… Continue Reading


Thinking about Retirement?

Thinking about retiring? Planning for the inevitable is something that doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. Start now and make a plan. This Retirement Income Calculator will come in handy. The calculator will help you better understand how each pillar of the retirement income… Continue Reading



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